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We are a not for profit incorporated support group for the Ethiopian Community in Wellington. Our goals are to help Ethiopian people in Wellington with support, and advice on issues they meet in daily life such as welfare benefits,  language,  employment,  housing,  immigration,  education and health issues.

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መልካም ገና እንመኛለን!
Happy Ethiopian Christmas

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This is a great opportunity to come and celebrate the end of the year together. Please come with your family and friends to celebrate our successes and gather our strength for the challenges in our future. Let us take time to remember the suffering and the divisions between the Ethiopian and Eritrean peoples in the past and be happy that we are now living in better times. Time to celebrate. All Wellington people, especially Ethiopian and Eritrean people, are welcome. ...

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2 months ago

Ethiopian Community In Wellington Inc

South China Morning Post
Jack Ma is now one of the world's richest men but failed – thrice – at entering university. To him, the greatest challenge of the future is to nurture independent and creative thinkers.

The South China Morning Post is owned by the Alibaba Group.

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