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We are a not for profit incorporated support group for the Ethiopian Community in Wellington. Our goals are to help Ethiopian people in Wellington with support, and advice on issues they meet in daily life such as welfare benefits,  language,  employment,  housing,  immigration,  education and health issues.

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To our Muselim brothers and sisters ...

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This class will fill up fast - enrol now! ...

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በዌልንግተን ለምትገኙ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሙሉ በቅርቡ በሻሸመኔ , በዝዋይና በአርሲ ነገሌ በተከሰተው ረብሻ ቤት ንብረታቸው በእሳት ለተቃጠለባቸው ወገኖቻችን መልሶ ለማቋቋም የገንዘብ ማሰባሰብ ስራ ተጀምሯል በመሆኑም የተቻላችሁን እስከ ሐሙስ(23/07/2020) ለኮሚቴው አባላት ገቢ በማድረግ እንድትተባበሩን በትህትና እንጠይቃለን::

አስተባባሪ ኮሚቴው
ለተጨማሪ መረጃ አቶ ግርማን እና አቶ ሙላቱን ደውለው መጠየቅ ይችላሉ::

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We are always looking for people to help us click the give a little below to let us know how you think you can help.