About Us

We are a not for profit incorporated support group for the Ethiopian Community in Wellington. Our goals are to help Ethiopian people in Wellington with support, and advice on issues they meet in daily life such as welfare benefits,  language,  employment,  housing,  immigration,  education and health issues.

We also want to have our members support each other without discrimination especially in politics, ethnicity and religion.

Our logo represents that we have come from a great land far far away to a beautiful land of peace and opportunity, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Through our community we want to help empower our people particularly families with refugee and migrant background to facilitate full economic, social and cultural integration in their new country.

We also promote the social and cultural interests of Ethiopians in Wellington.

The Ethiopian Community in Wellington was established in the current form on March 27, 2012. It has its own constitution and was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908  with a Registration Number 2558600. To see a copy of our constitution please  feel free contact us HERE

What do we do?

By getting input and ideas from our community we have a number of programs and information sources focused on providing social support, community development, training, information, resources, advocacy and referral…

These programs will be delivered to the community as a set of projects each with specific goals. We have prioritised the projects and have already started on implementing the highest priority ones.

We also have a list of additional projects planned for the future to be delivered as resources and funds become available.

We will continue to get input and ideas from our community so that we can update and focus on those things that the community thinks are of most value.