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A new committee consisting of 6 members was elected on February 5, 2017 at the AGM and will serve for one year. The committee meets every two weeks on Saturdays to discuss issues, progress of projects and services, strategic directions of the community and any other business.

Chairperson – Nigussie Fenja

Deputy Chairperson – Tadesse Mekonen

Secretary – Degu Geddebo

Treasury – Messert Gelashet

Members – Mahari Getaneh

The New committee has been working with a theme of making Wellington a “home away from home” by creating cohesive and inclusive environment to share love, care, respect and support to one another.

Priorities of the new Committee

  • Introducing formal registration of members with membership fee of $10/month
  • Setting a system for sustainable community services by setting office, creating community website, social media account, employing volunteers (Project coordinator and office administrator)
  • Establishing different community structures e.g. women and youth club
  • Designing projects and fundraising from members and stakeholders