Current projects

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  • Youth Group
    Provide activities and support to develop culture in our youth.
  • Language and culture for children
    Activities to teach both Ethiopian and English languages and help raise awareness of Ethiopian culture.
  • After school and school holiday programmes.
    After school and holiday activities for children to assist with their homework and provide additional educational material, and help them participate in social, sport and recreational activities during  after-school and school holidays.
  • Organising Traditional Events 
    September 10-11, an occasion for all Ethiopians to meet together and share and experience the Ethiopian tradition and culture. This is a an opportunity to promote Ethiopian tradition and culture to other communities in Wellington.
  • Driving lessons
    Access to driving lesson to assist new members of our community gain their licence faster.
  • Website and Facebook
    Develop a website for the community and update Facebook on regular basis.
  • Promoting and teaching language – Ethiopian & English.
  • Setting office and developing administrative manuals/procedures
    Creating a strong system of administration and associated documentation to help run sustainable services  and projects.

Planned projects

  • Mothers and Children fun activities to spend time together
  • Women Support Group
  • Elderly Care and support group
  • Youth Leadership training and support
  • Mental health and addiction support
  • Dealing with family and domestic violence
  • To provide disability support to anyone who needs it.
  • Church provides us their hall for staff meetings, weddings.
  • Schools help us by providing classroom space, when required.

We need help with these planned projects please use the contact form if you are interested and have some skills and time you can donate.