After School and School Holiday Programmes


After school study program tailored to different age group depending on their school level , where children will be encouraged to  their homework and work on additional study materials to master their school subjects It is important to give support to parents so that they are able to help their children to do their homework and study more.

School holiday program for children will give the privilege to participate in school holiday activities so that they develop new skills (eg. Creativity, leadership, responsibility, confidence and role model), socialise with and entertain themselves. It is an opportunity to spend relaxing break before the next term begins. This will also give a relief for working parents. Two types of school holiday:

  • two weeks program that run in between school- terms
  • summer program that run between school years


Improve the support to children and parents in completing homework and provide a variety of school holiday activities


Newtown, actual venue to be confirmed


After school study program

  • Recruit volunteers with teaching experience
  • Volunteer teachers will prepare detail plan
  • Identifying teaching materials/ tools teachers guide, worksheets and work books
  • Registering children according to their respective level ( ranging from preschool to college)
  • Organise venue
  • Organise transportation
  • Evaluating the program
  • Prepare administrative procedures
  • Organise parent orientation meetings

School-Holiday Program

  • Recruit volunteers with event organisation and teaching skills
  • Volunteer teachers will prepare detail plan
  • Identifying potential school holiday activities that interests children (eg. site seeing, art, indoor and outdoor games, sport, educational tour, camping etc
  • Registering children
  • Organise events
  • Organise transportation
  • Prepare administrative procedures


Nigussie Fenja and Tadesse Mekonen

How to join

Free registration

Parents please complete registration and consent form as soon as  possible

Donations are encouraged to keep up with additional cost