Language and Culture for Children

Language and Culture for Children


Children of Ethiopian descent will receive language and cultural lessons, through formal class room teaching, participation of different sport and cultural events, reading of story books at home with parents and practicing their skills through writing, art such as music and drama etc.

There are more than 80 different languages in Ethiopia with three major languages: Amharic, Oromigna and Tigrigna. Amharic is the national language. The language project will start with the Amharic Language and in the future work will be done to include other Ethiopian Languages accordingly.


To improve the Amharic language skills of children and their understanding of Ethiopian culture.


Newtown, actual venue to be confirmed.


  • Identifying teaching materials/ tools   story books, teachers guide, worksheets and work books
  • Registering Children
  • Recruit volunteers with teaching experience
  • Organise venue
  • Organise transportation
  • Volunteer teachers will prepare detail plan


Degu Geddebo and Messert Gelashet

How to join

Free of charge

Parents please complete registration and consent form as soon as  possible

We encourage donation to keep up with additional costs